April (and May) in Paris

Paris map

Paris, je t’aime!

A mother-daughter trip to Paris was the experience of a lifetime. We spent ten days taking in as much art, history, and delicious food as possible, walking about eight miles a day fueled by croissants and strong espresso coffee.

Mom & I spent several months immersed in planning for our first trip to Europe: researching traveling and tour options, applying for passports, practicing the art of packing light, discussing outfits and testing many pairs of shoes, studying maps to navigate the city. Anticipation for all things Parisian was a great excuse to revisit some favorite French films – Midnight in ParisAmelieMoulin Rouge, Paris, je t’aime. I also brushed up on my high-school French, apparently just enough to become socially awkward in two languages. Example: greeting Cedric at the hotel’s front desk with a cheerful “Merci!” as we arrived – oops!

As a thank you to Maman, I created this online journal to collect our photos, destinations, and travel notes – a scrapbook to remember and share. I’ve been dreaming of the City of Light since I was a 10-year-old kid with a beret and a poster of the Eiffel Tower on my bedroom wall. And Paris, you did not disappoint. I’ll never forget those lovely spring days, finding inspiration in the people, museums, cafés and gardens of Paris. ❤️

Versailles portrait
Paris with Mom